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Makigami – New Eco-Friendly Trend for Sustainability in Living?

Have you ever heard about Makigami?

Makigami (taken from: )

What is the relation between Makigami and Sustainability in Living?

There is a relation between of them!

For everyone who love origami or origami bonsai, perhaps it’s not a new thing for you about Makigami.

Well, before we are going to make a relation between Makigami and eco-friendly trends/ lifestyle, let’s find out what is this Makigami about.

Makigami is coming from Japanese language that literally means ‘roll-paper’. It was invented in 2009 by Benjamin John Coleman who is famous as an origami bonsai craftsmen.  Makigami usually use as origami branches that made from papers yet it’s so strong and still can be recycled since it’s made by papers.

The concept of Makigami also good for making any housewares such as chopsticks, brooms handles, fashion accessories, and other consumer goods. Makigami also easy to make and inexpensive. You only need a shallow pan, newspapers, paintbrush, masking tape, and some equipments those are easy to find at your house.

For further information, you can check this link to find out more about Makigami.

So, why don’t we start to be more friendly and having a sustainable lifestyle from now on. Just start from the easy one like Makigami. (n_n)v

Have a very nice day and enjoy your experience with Makigami!



Production and Operations Management Subject Syllabus

Production and Operations Management Syllabus

Lecturer               : Ritzky Karina M.R. Brahmana SE., MA., MIRM

URL                        :

Course Objective:

The basic purpose to study operations management especially for management course is giving some perspectives for students to understand how to create and operate productive systems for the satisfaction of human needs in products such as goods and or services. At this production and operations management subjects, students are going to study about operations management such as operations strategy (planning), process design, forecasting, inventory management, scheduling and quality management.

Those concepts will help students to find out the best alternatives what they should do in production and operations management in business actual. After completion this subject so the students should be able to:

–          Understand the dynamics of operations strategy and be able to implement it for a company

–          Understand about the concept of process design and how to apply it for a company

–          Have a good awareness about any obstacles that can be happened in the future and have a precisely analysis to forecast how to accomplish the goal with forecasting techniques

–          Understand and able to give recommendation about facility and design for production and operational layout.

–          Understand and be able to apply about scheduling techniques in project management.


1. Title                   : Operations Management 1st Ed.

Author                  :  Roaimah Omar

Publisher             : Pearson – Prentice Hall Malaysia , 2005

2. Title                  : Operations Management 1st Ed.

Author                  : Kostas N. Dervitsiotis

Publisher             : Prentice Hall , 1981

3. Title                   : Operations Management 4th Ed.

Author                  : Heizer & Render

Publisher             : Prentice Hall, 2005

Assignments and Exams:

For assignment, there will be no presentation yet it will be a pre-quiz every week before the materials begin. The students should be prepared with the materials that will be given that day and or the materials that already given last meeting. It will help student to understand every concepts for production and operations management.

Another assignment will be an exercise that will be given every three weeks that will be given 20 minutes before the class ended. The assignments will be in study cases. No make-up assignment!

For the exams, the final exam will be followed like the coordinator already set. But for the mid-term exam, it will be cases that would be taken from the real problems in company. The length of time is 120 minutes and no curving/cheating! Any students who break this rule will get “E” immediately. The same rule will be applied to the final exam.

The most important thing that should be remembered is there is no replacement exam! And no plagiarism! If student do any plagiarism, he/she will get “E” immediately.


About the attendance, the student will follow the school’s rule where the student only allow to skip/permission/ sick for 3 days (about the exceptional, its already set in school rules and will follow it too).

Policy Issues:

  • No cell-phone and or similar devices activities during the class otherwise the student’s point (overall points) will be reduced 5 points for once activity.
  • No MP3’s player and or similar devices otherwise the student’s point (overall points) will be reduced 10 points for once activity.
  • No discrimination behaviors in class.
  • Any policy issues that are not mentioned at here will be mentioned later on in the class.


Attendance                        10%

Assignments                      20%

Mid-Term Exam                30%

Final Exam                           40%

Total                                      100%

For the grading, it will follow what the school’s policy already mentioned.

Schedule for Production and Operations Management Class

Meeting Subject Length Time Media
1 Introduction of Production and Operations Management 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White board
2 Facility Location 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White board
3 Facility Layout 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White board
4 Product Design 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White board
5 Operations Planning 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White board
6 Mid- Term Exam 120 minutes Question and answer’s sheet

7 Inventory Management 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White Board
8 Project Management 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White Board
9 Work Measurement 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White Board
10 Quality Control 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White Board
11 Maintenance 120 minutes LCD Projector (Presentation)

White Board
12 Final Exam 120 minutes Question and answer’s sheet


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