Makigami – New Eco-Friendly Trend for Sustainability in Living?

Have you ever heard about Makigami?

Makigami (taken from: scribd.com )

What is the relation between Makigami and Sustainability in Living?

There is a relation between of them!

For everyone who love origami or origami bonsai, perhaps it’s not a new thing for you about Makigami.

Well, before we are going to make a relation between Makigami and eco-friendly trends/ lifestyle, let’s find out what is this Makigami about.

Makigami is coming from Japanese language that literally means ‘roll-paper’. It was invented in 2009 by Benjamin John Coleman who is famous as an origami bonsai craftsmen.  Makigami usually use as origami branches that made from papers yet it’s so strong and still can be recycled since it’s made by papers.

The concept of Makigami also good for making any housewares such as chopsticks, brooms handles, fashion accessories, and other consumer goods. Makigami also easy to make and inexpensive. You only need a shallow pan, newspapers, paintbrush, masking tape, and some equipments those are easy to find at your house.

For further information, you can check this link http://www.scribd.com/doc/35157604/What-is-Makigami-The-Earth-Friendly-Alternative-to-Plastic to find out more about Makigami.

So, why don’t we start to be more friendly and having a sustainable lifestyle from now on. Just start from the easy one like Makigami. (n_n)v

Have a very nice day and enjoy your experience with Makigami!



2 Responses to “Makigami – New Eco-Friendly Trend for Sustainability in Living?”

  1. 1 kylie
    January 10, 2011 at 12:42 AM

    i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to make makigami rolling solution or where to buy it? if anyone has info on this please leave a comment.

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