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Man for Others = Fair Trade

Fair Trade = Man for Others ??

I love a quote “Man fo Others” from my brother’s former high school slogan. He gained his high school’s degree from Johannes de Britto High School in Jogjakarta. It’s a single sex school for men yet they have their sister’s school named Stella Duce 1 High School that for ladies. Well, I know… We are not going to talk about my former school (Stella Duce 1) either my brother’s high school. I just love their slogan coz’ this slogan is exactly fit for fair trade issues in business field.

Let’s see why this “Man for others” is good enough to describe the definition of fair trade.

Firstly, what is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a system in a company how its show their concern and awareness in equality rights and justice in trading that used in the markets to achieve sustainability in living.

Mostly this fair trade issue will use in agriculture and manufactured company and affected supply chain management. Fair trade will make a company to get their materials directly from supplier or small business company so they can cut (too many) some middlemen yet the company still gain their profits because their product’s price still comparable with the products from non-fair trade company.

Fair trade will challenge company’s and consumer’s awareness about sustainability in living for any products. It means for companies, they need to arrange and have a wise policy when they are going to produce their products. And for consumers, it means they need to be more concern about every product that they use in their live and how it’s produced before.

So, when we are going to talk about fair trade, we are going to oppose exploitation of children labors, slave labors, sexual harassment for woman labors, inappropriate wages, bad waste management, and unsafely working place.

According to Sister’s Kate Fair Trade Gazette Weekly Magazine, there are eight basic principles of Fair Trade which are:

1.Fair wages for artisans.

The company ensures the living wage for the artisans so they will have appropriate living and produce high quality product as the result.

2.Fair prices for growers.

The company ensures the farmers to receive fair market-priced for their crops.

3.Safe working conditions.

Sweat shop and forced children labors are prohibited.

4.Community development.

Company provides a good social responsibility in developing community such as establish schools, sanitation and health waste systems, and health care centre together with the community to improve their quality of life.

5.Direct market access.

It ensures the growers, the producers, and the artisans earn fair wage for their products yet the price is still reasonable for the consumers.

6.Democratic decision-making.

Fair trade cooperatives engage in democratic decision-making in their work cooperatives and community development programs.

7.Environmental protection.

The company must be concerned about environmental issues such as energy use, waste management, etc.

8.Sustainable farming.

Farmers should have a sustainable farming that means the farm must use natural fertilizers, the soil should be free hazard chemicals, the seeds should be organics, etc.

As a conclusion, so fair trade is one of solution in sustainable development. Because with this fair trade products, it means that companies and consumers are totally concern about a better live for other people. This concept will be the same like the quote ‘Man for Others’ before. When we are already realized and concern about others so it means we already help this earth to have a better future, reduce poverty, and hopefully it will be sustainability in living for our offspring.

So, when you are in market/grocery/shop, find the package that has a ‘fair trade’ stamp/label on it or ‘fairly trade’ stamp/label on it! When you do it, it means you already saved and helped many people and it will pay it later for you with a better environment in living in this earth as our heritage.

Let’s having ‘fair trade = man for others’ moment now!



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