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Intermediate Marketing – Video marketing

Intermediate Marketing – Video marketing

Hi people! I really need your help now. Please be kindly to vote from these two videos and leave your comment at this post which one the best one.

Based on the most voters, I will give the last mark for my students whose are their video was elected by all of you (I already have some marks for them based on studies perspective and for this vote is from people respond about their advertising concept and attractiveness) .

They made these videos for promotional task that will be related with targeting market in Indonesia.

The first video is about the soda’ product namely Tebs and has a slogan “tea with shocking soda”.

This product originally from Indonesia and the target will be youngster from 11 years old until 20s years old.

The second video is about well-known DSLR Canon 500D. The concept is about ‘Love’ and the slogan will be ‘Delighting you always’.

I know for some reasons, their acting is not quite good as a proffesional actor/actress yet they really done everything by themselves as a marketing class group!  So please be kindly too about the comment shouldn’t has any offensive words/things.

The judgement will not based on your capability in promotion or marketing area. As long you can get the feel of the idea, so you are capable to give a vote! (n__n)v

The vote will only count if you leave a comment at this post!

So, may the best will win! And thank you for your participations! I really appreciate it! 🙂

Happy weekend all!

For some reasons, I couldn’t upload my videos, so please be kindly to go to this link.

Thank you for your coorporation. :):)


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