New Communication Mix

Marketing always has an unique way to gain their potential buyer. They need a tool called communication mix for increasing their sales.
For todays, they need to be unique. And sometimes they need to colaborate some communication mix to be creative.

Seeing Big Bang use a northface jacket as a brand ambassador on the stage will call as a public relation. But seeing their commercial television adventure in the snowy mountain at Canada (or New Zealand.. Sorry.. I forgot the country) will be called advertising.

To get a northface brochure and inside it says a soft launching will be held at your school and if you bring that brochure at that time so you will get discount about 20%, it will call printed advertising colaborate with sales promotion.
And for a soft launching at the D-Day will call direct marketing.

When you come to the soft launching and being persuade by sales promotion girl/boy so its will call personal selling at (for soft launching) direct marketing.

And for login into northface website and chatting in their forum for possibilities to get a free ticket for Big Bang concert will call electronic media.

So, for communication mix as your communication strategy will contains advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and electronic media.


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