I Called This as Emotional Investment

Somehow, it will be the best thing when you sick and many people are paying attention on you.

Somehow, it makes you comfortable and being loved.

The truth is human is a social being.

They need some attention although sometimes I deny it. #grin

No wonder why some people think to get suicide just to get some attention.

But somehow, it is a horrible attitude for suiciding.

Don’t do that!

This life is too precious to be left with that way.

Totally a big loss only on yourself.

So, erase it from your mind directly! Now!

And thank God.. While I’m sick just like now, many people pay attention on me.

Like Karina, Ardine, my friends, my colleagues, my church community friends, my students, and especially my family; bunch of thanks for all of your attentions.

I’m so blessed!

Thank you so much and I love you all!

Hugs & Kisses,



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