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Stupid Embarassment

When you asked a whole of the people in the room to stand up and then clapping their hands for someone who  forgot to silent mode  his phone while you are going to explain about character excellence in a meeting forum, it means you are the one who needed that character excellence not the participants.

The funny one, that speaker ask him (the guy who had his phone ringing) to bow and say thank you to all of the participants.

I also got irritated when the phone is ringing yet I got more irritated while the speaker ask whole of the people to stand up then ask that guy bowed down while saying thank you to each participants in that room.

Sometimes the stupid embarassment could lead you to a negative word of mouth.

This experience not happen to me yet I found this stupid embarassment is not appropriate. No one who could do something that make anyone feel a thing that lead them to their inferiority.

In marketing, we need character excellence. But the best character excellence is the attitude when something happen and choose the wise way to solve anything.

For this case, probably he can say “please put the phone into silent mode” or “would you kindly to put it into silent mode, please”.
I think that is the best way to solve it.

Coz I know how negative word of mouth (WOM) could lead you to your personal branding destruction.


The Issue of Journal Publication

This morning, I and my lecturer fellas are attending a workshop for discussing about Internasional Journal Publication. I think this workshop is good since our new regulation asks our students to publish their mini thesis in International Journal. So at least, the lecturers are being prepared and more concern about their Tri Dharma obligation.

Somehow, because of this workshop, I remember about this article by Rayenda Brahmana and I really like it. It also published in Jakarta Post newspaper. I hope we will get some good idea after read that article.


I Called This as Emotional Investment

Somehow, it will be the best thing when you sick and many people are paying attention on you.

Somehow, it makes you comfortable and being loved.

The truth is human is a social being.

They need some attention although sometimes I deny it. #grin

No wonder why some people think to get suicide just to get some attention.

But somehow, it is a horrible attitude for suiciding.

Don’t do that!

This life is too precious to be left with that way.

Totally a big loss only on yourself.

So, erase it from your mind directly! Now!

And thank God.. While I’m sick just like now, many people pay attention on me.

Like Karina, Ardine, my friends, my colleagues, my church community friends, my students, and especially my family; bunch of thanks for all of your attentions.

I’m so blessed!

Thank you so much and I love you all!

Hugs & Kisses,



PeraDICE – Cultural Marketing 250512

Hi guys!
Don’t miss this event!
It’s about cultural marketing.

What is cultural marketing?
It’s about a marketing which bring our cultural with our brand origin in it.
That’s a simple thing definition about cultural marketing.
The best example will be K-Wave or known as Korean Wave.
Because of their culture that brought through their dramas and boyband/girlband, many people know what is binggrae (their company ice cream), LG’s and Samsung’s sales are boost up dramatically defeated their competitor, and Hyundai gained brand awareness more and more in Indonesia.

That’s why, Petra Christian University initiate this seminar for many people. We are trying to discuss how to bring our cultural marketing and make our economic way better with it and give many opportunities to our people. It is a national seminar.
For further information, you can click here and join us at the seminar!

The seminar will be a festival!
Don’t trust me? Just come to the event this friday!
If you missed it, it’s your loss for sure.
Believe me!
You will not regret and experience different atmosphere of seminar at here! 🙂

Save the date!
25 May 2012

See you at the event!


Pinterest.. Tumblr.. Twitter.. Facebook.. How ‘Bout to Delete ’em All?

Nowadays, we can say that social media/sites already changed become our new phone. We can contact and telling them the story that we like, we love, even things that we don’t like or hate about by them. It’s so practice and moreover it’s way cheaper than calling use your credit phone. Somehow, many people is becoming addicted with these social sites. One of example is myself.

I’m an social media addicted since (now) I have Google+ account, WordPress account, Posterous account, Twitter account, Facebook account, Scribd account, Tumblr account, Picture Social (for photography lover) account, PicsArt account, and I’m still waiting a request approval for Pinterest account. Those social sites that I have now. I already deleted many social sites that I found not interesting anymore. I’m kinda somewhat loyal consumer for social sites yet if  I found it is interesting and great one I will be a completely loyal consumer (like my WordPress account. So far, I will not deleted any account at here since I found WordPress is practical and easy to use. In marketing we are going to call it user friendly. 😀 ).

But now, when I saw many accounts that I have, I’m re-thinking once again.

What is the functional of those social sites?

Somehow, I have them because I’m totally into something new. I’m trying to be an early adopter (actually this is the term for innovation diffusion of product yet I think it will be suitable to express about typically of consumer too) where I will use something when no many people use it. At least I will be a lately adopter. I will try to not to be a laggards where is many people already use it for a long time then I will use it too. Even for blackberry, although I don’t like it yet due to my work needs, I use it as lately adopter.

Well, back to the question! What is the functional of those social sites?

For myself, the reasons will be:

1. I use them since I want to see the needs of it for marketing tools. Me and brother are trying to see about internet and web use-ness for theory planned behaviour. For me, in marketing communication mix based on Grewal book, I’m trying to see electronic media roled in marketing.

2. It is easier for me to keep contact with my family, friends, colleagues, relatives and many new people by them. I lived in Netherlands before, so it is easier for me to get any news or paying attention what happen to them especially to my family and my bestiest.

3. To find what is new and happening lately.

4. To share anything that I think good or bad based on my opinion. Talk freely without worrying about the rules when you talk about something. Because it is your opinion.

5. It is one of place to say to the world ‘Hey! I’m here! I’m not extinct yet!’ . I other word, to be exist.

6. I’m kinda a geek person yet I’m proud to be one of them because my geekness still acceptable. Hahahahahahaha…

Well, I only have 6 reasons for them!

Yet I have 9 social sites (that I remember and always / sometimes visit it). So, let me think.. Do I really need so many accounts?

I will contemplating then. Because right now, I’m struggling by myself do I need to delete some accounts again or not. I will see the merits and demerits of them first. Still, I can’t decide.. (-_-)”

So, Pinterest.. Tumblr.. Twitter.. Facebook.. How ’bout to delete ’em all?


I (so far) will keep them then! #grin *wink*


Compensatory Me

When I’m going to buy something that will be related as a gadget or electronic things, mostly, I will be a compensatory.


Because, firstly, I will find many informations which gadget is the best where psychological equals function for me. More about value-based and being rational.

Like an example, when I want to buy my smartphone and my favorite brand will be samsung, so I will buy samsung galaxy young than samsung corby since young already android gingerbread, nice color too (I choose white), small, slim, big screen, and user friendly for me although the price slightly more expensive more less 20% than corby. Why I choose young? Coz I love to go to internet. It doesn’t mean that corby can not do it yet young is more compatible and convenience to use.

I’m being rational. I’m being a compensatory.

How about you?


It calls Jingle!

I love some jingles!

It’s good for your brand awareness. Sometimes.
It will have strong effect as strong as a tag line or slogan.

Still not believe it?

Everytime I hear paddle pop jingle from television, mostly, it will make me to buy a choco magma paddle pop right away (since the grocery shop is not far away from the house). Or when I hear a wall’s salesman pass by the house and played the jingle, I will ask my daddy to buy it for me when I was a little girl.

That’s the power of a jingle.
And in my mind already moulded that wall’s equal that jingle. That jingle is one of factor to raise my brand awareness for wall’s ice cream.


Fair Trade vs Cooperative

When we are going to talk about fair trade, so the first thing that will be crossed our mind is reducing famine and poverty. How we are going to be care more about anything in this business world and doing some good deeds for a sustainable market. In short word, we are going to have a very short chain in supply chain management.

The best idea will be (depends the product that will be sold) :

1. supplier – manufacturer – end user

2. supplier – retailer – end user

3. supplier – end user

So, in other word, fair trade seems so idealistic for a better world where everyone could be have a happily ever after business.

But, I think rather we choose fair trade, why we don’t use cooperative?

As we knew that cooperative already helped many countries for making their people became independent until today.

In Germany, they have Deustche Zentralgenossenschaftbank (DZ Bank) (A central cooperative bank), which is still gains  its power in banking field as one of the big 5 banks in Germany until today, was a cooperative in credit. This cooperative concept helped their economic issues during World War II and solved it.

In Denmark, there is Pastor Christiansone who established farming cooperative that will help Danish economic. And not to forget mentioned in Scotland for cotton-spinning cooperative by Robert Owen that grown up to help their economics too.

Cooperative concept, I think once again, maybe better than fair trade.

In fair trade we need fair trade organization such as WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) for giving a label which product will classify as fair trade product. Yet for cooperative, it will make you more independent as a group to develop better welfare for their members and country too.

But, still once again, this one still my wild thinking. Not really deepen one. And just for your information, I also like Fair Trade concept yet I like Cooperative concept better.


New Communication Mix

Marketing always has an unique way to gain their potential buyer. They need a tool called communication mix for increasing their sales.
For todays, they need to be unique. And sometimes they need to colaborate some communication mix to be creative.

Seeing Big Bang use a northface jacket as a brand ambassador on the stage will call as a public relation. But seeing their commercial television adventure in the snowy mountain at Canada (or New Zealand.. Sorry.. I forgot the country) will be called advertising.

To get a northface brochure and inside it says a soft launching will be held at your school and if you bring that brochure at that time so you will get discount about 20%, it will call printed advertising colaborate with sales promotion.
And for a soft launching at the D-Day will call direct marketing.

When you come to the soft launching and being persuade by sales promotion girl/boy so its will call personal selling at (for soft launching) direct marketing.

And for login into northface website and chatting in their forum for possibilities to get a free ticket for Big Bang concert will call electronic media.

So, for communication mix as your communication strategy will contains advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and electronic media.


Review of A Study of E-Recruitment Technology Adoption in Malaysia by David Yoon Kin Tong

Teknologi internet merupakan suatu penemuan yang bisa dikatakan banyak membantu manusia dalam berbagai macam hal. Apalagi di era perekonomian global saat ini, teknologi internet sangat banyak membantu pelaku bisnis, saluran distribusi, pemerintah bahkan konsumen. Salah satu keuntungan dari internet adalah menghilangkan batasan geografis. Walaupun dari teknologi terdapat berbagai macam dampak buruk karena penyalahgunaannya, tapi kita harus akui bahwa teknologi mempermudah kita seperti mendapatkan informasi tepat waktu, menawarkan produk tanpa harus mendatangi letak fisik pihak lainnya, bisa berbicara face to face melalui internet tanpa harus peduli struktur geografis antara dua pihak dan banyak lagi. Dapat dikatakan, teknologi internet membuat kita merasa dunia ada di dalam genggaman tangan kita.

Beberapa waktu kedepan saya akan membahas mengenai e-rekrutmen yang cukup laris manis saat ini.

Mengapa e-rekrutmen?

Karena hal ini cukup menarik perhatian saya dalam banyak hal terutama masalah pemasaran jasa dan bagaimana kita bisa mengubah pola pikir para pencari kerja yang akhirnya lebih memilih mengaplikasikan resumenya melalui pihak ketiga lewat website-website tertentu dan membuat banyak perusahaan pun mempercayakan perekrutan aplikasi calon pegawai mereka baik lewat pihak ketiga ataupun website perusahaan sendiri.

Untuk review pertama, saya akan mengulas jurnal yang berjudul “Sebuah Studi Tentang Adopsi Teknologi E-Rekrutmen di Malaysia”. Jurnal ini saya dapat dari yang diteliti oleh David Yoon Kin Tong dari Fakultas Hukum dan Bisnis, Universitas Multimedia, Melaka, Malaysia.

Review of A Study of E-Recruitment Technology Adoption in Malaysia by David Yoon Kin Tong ( Faculty of Business and Law, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia)

Seperti yang kita ketahui, bahwa kemajuan teknologi banyak membawa dampak positif di dalam berbagai bidang. Salah satunya adalah dalam perekrutan tenaga kerja atau kandidat atau calon karyawan yang tepat bagi sebuah perusahaan lewat online. Sebenarnya pada zaman sekarang, perekrutan dapat dibagi menjadi dua yaitu:

  1. 1.      Perekrutan secara Konvensional

Perekrutan secara konvensional merupakan metode perekrutan dengan sistem rekomendasi dari teman maupun pekerja di perusahaan dengan biaya iklan yang cukup besar di media cetak dalam mencari para pencari kerja yang tertarik masuk kedalam perusahaan/organisasi dan mengirimkan aplikasinya dalam bentuk fisik. Perekrutan secara konvensional sepertinya mulai ditinggal perlahan baik bagi pencari kerja maupun pencari pekerja. Hal ini terjadi karena terkadang perekrutan secara konvensional dianggap memerlukan biaya yang cukup besar dan terkadang masih memiliki perspektif subyektif dalam mencari kandidat pekerja. Akhirnya perekrutan konvensional dianggap mulai tidak menarik bagi banyak pihak walaupun tidak dipungkiri untuk beberapa organisasi/perusahaan masih memakai metode seperti ini.


  1. 2.      e-Rekrutmen

Perekrutan lewat internet atau lebih sering disebut e-rekrutmen merupakan salah satu tipikal perekrutan calon karyawan melalui online. Hal ini terjadi karena kemajuan teknologi yang membuat semua pihak semakin tanggap informasi dan tidak terbatas oleh jarak dan waktu. Perekrutan melalui internet ini dianggap lebih menguntungkan bagi banyak pihak. Untuk pihak pekerja, mereka lebih bisa mengefektifkan waktu dan mengefisiensikan biaya bila mengaplikasikan resume mereka melalui online. Selain itu, masalah geografis sudah tidak menjadi masalah sehingga para aplikan bisa mencari peluang kerja di luar daerah atau negara dimana dia berdomisili. Sedangkan bagi pencari pekerja, mereka bisa mendapatkan banyak pilihan job-seeker yang lebih berkualitas dengan biaya yang jauh lebih murah.


Kedua bentuk perekrutan ini tentu saja masih digunakan di banyak oganisasi. Hanya saja, pada zaman sekarang, e-rekrutmen lebih banyak berkembang karena lebih menarik dan lebih efektif serta efisien baik bagi pihak  job-seeker ataupun organisasi sendiri. Berkembangnya pencari peluang kerja melalui online ini akhirnya menjadi peluang bisnis tersendiri bagi pihak ketiga seperti ataupun (di Indonesia). Bagi pihak ketiga, bisnis ini dianggap cukup menggiurkan karena banyak perusahaan/organisasi yang akhirnya memasang iklan lowongan kerja di website tersebut. Bagi pencari kerja, mereka bisa mendapatkan keuntungan karena bisa memasukkan aplikasi melalui website pihak ketiga tanpa biaya serta tidak perlu mengetik ulang resume berkali-kali karena datanya telah tersimpan di database pihak ketiga bila telah menjadi anggota mereka serta bisa memperbaharui resume sewaktu-waktu jika diperlukan. Sedangkan pihak organisasi/perusahaan bisa mendapatkan keuntungan dengan memasang iklan lowongan kerja dengan biaya yang lebih rendah. Bahkan banyak juga sekarang ditemui organisasi/perusahaan melakukan e-rekrutmen melalui website resmi mereka secara langsung. Biasanya di website tersebut ada ruang sendiri yang disebut career opportunity bagi para aplikan yang ingin memasukkan aplikasinya kepada organisasi/perusahaan tersebut secara langsung seperti website resmi perusahaan sebesar Shell, Unilever, Accenture dan banyak lagi. Akhirnya fenomena ini membuat pasar tersendiri yang saya sebut pasar e-rekrutmen.

Dengan pertumbuhan e-rekrutmen yang cukup pesat ini di berbagai belahan dunia mulai banyak bermunculan pihak ketiga (lebih sering disebut online job provider) yang akhirnya membuat banyak perusahaan dan job-seeker menggunakan jasa online job provider (OJP). Hal inilah yang menarik Yoon melakukan penelitian  A Study of e-Recruitment Technology Adoption in Malaysia.

Tujuan dari penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Yoon adalah untuk menguji persepsi para pencari kerja ( jobseeker) yang akhirnya mendapatkan kerja melalui OJP sebagai e-rekrutmen di Malaysia. Sedangkan metodologi yang digunakan adalah Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1986) yang telah dimodifikasi tanpa mengagas sikap sebagai inti kerangka penelitian dan mengidentifikasi resiko privacy yang dirasakan (PPR), ekspektasi performa (PE), aplikasi tertentu atas keunggulan diri (ASSE) dan stres yang dirasakan (PS) sebagai kunci variable eksternal yang membentuk model penelitian untuk studi adopsi teknologi pada e-rekrutmen.


August 2020

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