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Fair Trade vs Cooperative

When we are going to talk about fair trade, so the first thing that will be crossed our mind is reducing famine and poverty. How we are going to be care more about anything in this business world and doing some good deeds for a sustainable market. In short word, we are going to have a very short chain in supply chain management.

The best idea will be (depends the product that will be sold) :

1. supplier – manufacturer – end user

2. supplier – retailer – end user

3. supplier – end user

So, in other word, fair trade seems so idealistic for a better world where everyone could be have a happily ever after business.

But, I think rather we choose fair trade, why we don’t use cooperative?

As we knew that cooperative already helped many countries for making their people became independent until today.

In Germany, they have Deustche Zentralgenossenschaftbank (DZ Bank) (A central cooperative bank), which is still gains  its power in banking field as one of the big 5 banks in Germany until today, was a cooperative in credit. This cooperative concept helped their economic issues during World War II and solved it.

In Denmark, there is Pastor Christiansone who established farming cooperative that will help Danish economic. And not to forget mentioned in Scotland for cotton-spinning cooperative by Robert Owen that grown up to help their economics too.

Cooperative concept, I think once again, maybe better than fair trade.

In fair trade we need fair trade organization such as WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) for giving a label which product will classify as fair trade product. Yet for cooperative, it will make you more independent as a group to develop better welfare for their members and country too.

But, still once again, this one still my wild thinking. Not really deepen one. And just for your information, I also like Fair Trade concept yet I like Cooperative concept better.


August 2020

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