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Stupid Embarassment

When you asked a whole of the people in the room to stand up and then clapping their hands for someone who  forgot to silent mode  his phone while you are going to explain about character excellence in a meeting forum, it means you are the one who needed that character excellence not the participants.

The funny one, that speaker ask him (the guy who had his phone ringing) to bow and say thank you to all of the participants.

I also got irritated when the phone is ringing yet I got more irritated while the speaker ask whole of the people to stand up then ask that guy bowed down while saying thank you to each participants in that room.

Sometimes the stupid embarassment could lead you to a negative word of mouth.

This experience not happen to me yet I found this stupid embarassment is not appropriate. No one who could do something that make anyone feel a thing that lead them to their inferiority.

In marketing, we need character excellence. But the best character excellence is the attitude when something happen and choose the wise way to solve anything.

For this case, probably he can say “please put the phone into silent mode” or “would you kindly to put it into silent mode, please”.
I think that is the best way to solve it.

Coz I know how negative word of mouth (WOM) could lead you to your personal branding destruction.


PeraDICE – Cultural Marketing 250512

Hi guys!
Don’t miss this event!
It’s about cultural marketing.

What is cultural marketing?
It’s about a marketing which bring our cultural with our brand origin in it.
That’s a simple thing definition about cultural marketing.
The best example will be K-Wave or known as Korean Wave.
Because of their culture that brought through their dramas and boyband/girlband, many people know what is binggrae (their company ice cream), LG’s and Samsung’s sales are boost up dramatically defeated their competitor, and Hyundai gained brand awareness more and more in Indonesia.

That’s why, Petra Christian University initiate this seminar for many people. We are trying to discuss how to bring our cultural marketing and make our economic way better with it and give many opportunities to our people. It is a national seminar.
For further information, you can click here and join us at the seminar!

The seminar will be a festival!
Don’t trust me? Just come to the event this friday!
If you missed it, it’s your loss for sure.
Believe me!
You will not regret and experience different atmosphere of seminar at here! 🙂

Save the date!
25 May 2012

See you at the event!


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